OLPCorps Tulane University & UC Davis – Sierra Leone

About OLPCorps

Join the OLPCorps Africa Movement

Active students spark revolutions and inspire movements. Our learning movement is no different. With this in mind, we have started the OLPCorps Africa project. We are equipping teams of students from around the world with 100 XOs, hardware, training, and financial support to expand learning in Africa for children ages 6-12. We’re looking for agents of change capable of leading the first global grassroots movement in learning.

Student-led teams will:

  • travel to one of the 53 African countries of their choosing for 9-10 weeks
  • participate in a 10-day orientation in Kigali, Rwanda at OLPC’s office
  • receive up to $10,000 (USD) per team to cover operating costs
  • deploy 100 XO laptops, including hardware and support
  • collaborate with up to 100 other teams as part of a life-long global network empowering a generation of children
  • send one representative to MIT/OLPC’s all-expense paid summit from Oct 10th-12th 2009


Undergraduate and graduate university students of all nationalities and fields are encouraged to apply. Students enrolled in the fall 2009 semester and upcoming spring 2009 graduates are also eligible. Finalists will be required to provide proof of enrollment before the start of the internship.


All interns must be proficient in English, have a valid passport and approved visa, and all immunizations by the start of the program. At minimum, teams must consist of 2 people. The project must take place within one of the 53 African countries and for 9-10 weeks. All members of the team must attend the orientation in Kigali, Rwanda from June 8-17.

The applicant must have support from local or national officials or a letter of support of an NGO that is supporting the project. In other words, successful applicants will have a letter of support testifying to 1) involvement, and 2) sustainability.


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