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Laptops Bring World Peace? by Katie R
May 21, 2009, 1:24 am
Filed under: In the News
XOs bring world peace?

XOs bring world peace?

The title of a CNN article from March, 2009 about OLPC and the XO laptops caught my eye today- “Laptops bring lessons, maybe even peace”.

Hmm, I thought as I read the title of the article.  Really?  Laptops beign responsible for world peace?  I am a fan of the little XO’s, they are clever devices.  But world peace?  That’s pretty ambitious.

So, I read on.  And, sure enough, CNN not only came across with a valid point about the importance of increasing education (via XOs), but also made a poignant observation that applies directly to Sierra Leone and its situation after the end of its long and gruesome war that ended less than a decade ago. By way of this education, the article argues that kids will be less inclined to join dangerous extremists during potential future conficts…


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